Here I would like to thank the people who generously gave their time, their energy and their expertise to help the achievement of this project.

    • Thanks to Didier Martins, for designing the logo of Délices de Selena, product labels, and his graphic work on the photos.
    • Thanks to Christophe Martins et Zoé Namêche for their beautiful photos which showcase the products so well.
    • Thanks to JCL for creating this beautiful website.
    • Thanks to my nanny who made me become greedy by adding regular spoonfuls of jam in my baby bottles...
    • Thanks also to my daughter, who invented her own recipe taking advantage of a momentary inattention to mix the fruits that I had cut for different preparations...


Texts et Illustrations :

Besides my own photos and those made by the two photographers mentioned above, the other pictures illustrating fruits, vegetables, and flowers, comes from the websites et

The text "Jam Story" comes from the website Confitures Merveilleuses and was translated by ourselves

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