About Délices de Séléna

The first pots labeled, a dream that comes true. The begining of an adventure

Délices de Séléna was born from the passion of an incorrigible greedy, for flavors sometimes forgotten, but which however represent a real legacy.

My passion for jams already dates back to a long time.
I make my own jams since the age of 20, and I always personally watch the cooking to make sure of the perfect dosage of ingredients, to obtain results deserving the preparations of our dear grandmothers.

At the begining, I used to prepare jams for my personal pleasure and for my family. Then, gradually, as the demand was becoming more important, The project of making this a full time activity started to grow in my mind.

But it still took a few years for me to decide to take this step. And during these years, I refined my technique and many new recipes came alive.

Today, through Délices de Séléna, I want to share this passion with you, and maybe make you discover new flavors born from my imagination, and of course from my greediness ;)


The brass pan is ready... Fruits are cut... Cooking can begin.